Tumbleweed Compadre offers an assortment of activities which maximize independence and growth. We believe that to be effective as possible, we must tailor each participant’s experience to suit their specific wants and needs. This is why we offer each participant a variety of choices, allowing them  to learn and grow in a manner that works best for them as individuals. We rotate the activities to keep things exciting, but always take input from the consumers themselves before determining each day’s destination. We are always open to new suggestions and ideas from the people we serve..

Neighborhood Outings


Being right next door to the bowling alley is a huge advantage. It makes it very easy to put a group together and walk across the street to bowl a few frames when the group decides to do so. There are also a handful of shops and thrift stores in the neighborhood, which are always fun to visit.

Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts are very popular in the Tucson area for adult day treatment programs in Arizona.

We offer a variety of different Arts and Crafts projects to choose from.  Whether your participant enjoys taking part in the more traditional activities like drawing, coloring and painting… or would rather express themselves in a more creative fashion by participating in the various seasonal and holiday themed projects, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Wii Station


 The Wii Station is always a fun and popular option to get our participants up and moving. Whether they prefer taking part in the different sports games, being part of their favorite television gameshows, or just want to dance their cares away… there is quite literally something that appeals to everyone.   

Group Games and Activities


We have a wide selection of games and activities that the participants play as a group, which help to build solid relationships between the participants, and work to create a strong peer structure within the program.



We have multiple computers set up specifically for our participants to use, which have a variety of educational and art programs, as well as different games which not only help to develop problem solving skills and hand eye coordination, but often work to help boost the individual’s self-confidence, as well.

*(For our participants’ safety, these computers do not have access to the internet)

Movie Time


We have a large collection of movies and TV Shows here at the program. Our participants take turns deciding what to watch and when… and the occasional combination of a Movie and Popcorn, is definitely one of our most popular activities.