Who We Are

Tumbleweed Compadre, Inc. is a Day Treatment Training Facility that serves Developmentally Disabled Adults living in the Tucson area.  We have been meeting the needs of our participants since opening our doors back in January of 1990. We provide a strong and supportive program that emphasizes personal choice, progress and community. 

What We Believe

 It is our belief that to be as effective as possible we must tailor each participant’s experience to suit their specific needs and abilities. This is why we try to offer each participant as many choices as possible, giving them the ability to learn and grow in the manner that works best for them, as individuals. By utilizing this philosophy we are able to convey a sense of belonging and ownership to each participant, thus making the integration of social interaction training and the modification of mal-adaptive behaviors a much more attainable goal. 

What We Do

 At Tumbleweed Compadre we are dedicated to making a difference in the lives of our participants, and by providing the tools and structure necessary, we believe the difference made will eventually mean no difference at all.